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Quick Hits: The End is Near Edition

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NHL: San Jose Sharks at Detroit Red Wings Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

In Red Wings Land

‘No time to pout:’ Red Wings look to put ‘embarrassing’ losses behind them | Detroit News

Sunrise, Fla. — There are four weeks left to this miserable Red Wings’ season.

The end can’t come soon enough, to be sure, for players, coaches, front office, and fans alike.

Amen, Ted, Amen.

Can we just fast forward to the NHL Draft Lottery?

Also, here’s another Dylan Larkin injury update:

Around the League

How the Tampa Bay Lightning can be defeated | ESPN

They can be defeated, but probably won’t be. I think this is finally the year for the Lightning. Tampa will beat the Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final and then Steve Yzerman will come home to the Red Wings.