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Red Wings season set to start January 14th

NHL: MAR 10 Hurricanes at Red Wings Photo by Scott Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While the NHL is only about halfway to having finalized plans for the upcoming season, today’s progress in that realm is an important step: a schedule!

You’ll notice that all times are still in that wonderful hour TBA, but considering we’re not even 100% on the Canadian provinces playing along or building availability, throwing dates down to the public helps.

So the Wings start at home for four games before heading on a journey that sees 10 of their next 12 games on the road leading into mid-February. An early make-or-break type schedule for a young group.

At one point, we play four games straight against Dallas, but most of the schedule is two-game series against specific teams. The only other change to that is a couple places where we trade off Columbus and Carolina for one-game peeks.

As you can see, this wraps up the schedule on the 8th of May. However, if you can still take the 1/4th mark of the season as a good indicator of a team’s finishing location in the standings/playoffs, we should know by February 10th where we stand after 14 games.

Still much to be decided on the playing times for these games and what we’ll get on television/streaming; I’m not certain where they’ve built in the flexibility for games to be rescheduled due to surprise positives, but we’ll keep you posted with updates as they come.