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Quick Hits: The This Needs To End Immediately Edition

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Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Host “Go Beyond” Challenge With NHL Alumni For Local Youth Hockey Players At The Sheraton Grand In Chicago, IL Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

I feel that the following story is so important, that I’m just going to use it by itself, especially since any Red Wings stories right now aren’t really that important.

Around the NHL

More explosive and shocking allegations against junior hockey in newly filed lawsuit - TheHockeyNews

Just three days after a former major junior hockey player alleged that he was forced to do cocaine in a bathroom as a rookie with the Kitchener Rangers in 2016, two former CHL players have launched a class-action lawsuit alleging that players aged 15 to 17 were, “routinely victims to hazing, bullying, physical and verbal harassment, physical assault, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.”

Before you click on the link, I wanted to provide a warning that the allegations are very disturbing. It’s important to say that these allegations are as of yet unproven in court. My ideas on this are below the horizontal line below

Jay and I talked to Dan on an episode of Fer Sure about his initiatives to help promote mental health and help with head injuries for hockey players.

I used to hate him as a hockey player. He played in a way that hurt other players. He has admitted to saying horrible, racist things towards other players. He’s since acknowledged that was wrong and in my opinion has done everything he can to make amends for what he’s done. To me, that’s commendable. You may think differently, and that’s fine. I believe people can change, and they can atone for what they did before through their actions.

Obviously these claims need to be challenged and their truth verified through the court process. If they are true, then there needs to be deep and wholesale changes to the entire junior hockey system.