2021 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Good morning, WIIM!

Day two of the NHL Draft will start this morning at 11amET. Things should run faster today than they did last night but you also likely won’t see too many of the big types of moves. Here’s a quick recap of what the Wings got up to during the first round:

Red Wings Select Simon Edvinsson with the 6th pick in the NHL draft
Red Wings Trade up to 15 and take G Sebastian Cossa in 2021 NHL Draft

Detroit has six picks remaining for day two after trading away picks #48 and 138. Five of those are their own

2nd Round - #38
3rd Round - #70
4th Round - #102
4th Round - #128 (The trade where Detroit brokered Savard to Tampa for retained salary and sent Brian Lashoff the other way) Traded to move up for the Shai Buium pick
5th Round - #134
6th Round - #166

For today, we’ll have coverage of the picks but we’re also going to leave this post up at the top of the page for the live blog.  This should help keep you from having to jump all over the comments to keep conversation threads going.