2021 NHL Prospect Tournament Game 3 Open Thread - Wings vs. Blue Jackets

Detroit is 1-1 in the Prospects Tourney. The winner of each game so far has put up 5 goals, so that will apparently be the number to race to.  This time it’s the Blue Jackets for the Wings’ final meeting of the tourney.

The game starts at 6pm and will be streamed on the Wings’ Youtube channel.

Youtube feed is here

Due to the schedule and layout of this tournament, the Wings will be done after three games and they’re not giving out the Matthew Wuest Memorial Cup.

Lucas Raymond scored the only two goals in yesterdays 5-2 loss; a game in which the Blues prospects played like shithearts (no update on Berggren just yet, BTW). Columbus is 2-0 so far after beating Toronto and Dallas.