Half Quarter Numbers

We are 7 games in which is 12.5% of the season and is the equivalent of 10 games in a normal season. Here are some Wing numbers

1. Currently on pace for 40 points in a division where the average is currently pacing as 63.
2. 24th in 5 on 5 possession at 47.18%, 26th in expected GF% at 45.65%, 16th in High Danger % at 49.45.
3. Top five possession players are Bert, Mantha, Larks, Gagne and Hronek in that order (all will be in order and min 2 games played). All over 51%
4. Bottom five are Fabs, Zadina, Filly, LGD and Merrill all under 40%
5. Top five GAR are Hirose, Merrill, Ryan, Gagner and Z. Only 9 have positive GARS. These 5 and Frans, Fabs, Larks and Stecher
6. Bottom five GAR are Nemeth, Mantha, LGD, Filly and Djoos
7. TOI leaders are Hronek 24.17, Larks 21.18 and Nemeth 20.44
8. On ice goals tops are Merrill, DDK and Ryan all on four 4 goals at 5 on 5
9. On ice goals Against tops are Mantha 6, and a bunch with 5. Least icetime used to make top 3 so DDK and Names are worst of the 5's
10. Expected GF% leaders are Erne 62.08, Gagner 57.62 and Mantha 52.45
11. Expected GF% worst are Fabs 29.37, Filly 32.29 and Zadina 33.19
12. Goals leaders Ryan 4, Bert and Larks 3 each
13. Assist leaders Hronek 4 and Larks 3
14. Points leaders Larks 6, Bert and Ryan 5.
15. Greiss 13th in goals saved above average (of 60). 35th in goals saved above expected at -1. 50% quality start percentage.
16. Bernier 42nd in goald saved above average (-1.19). 38th in goals saved above expected at -1.64. 66.6% quality start percentage. One horrific game.

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