Game 8 Numbers and Observations

Welp that comeback was sure fun. Made the 3rd game this year we shouldn't have been in a bit enjoyable for a few minutes. 44.78 possession numbers which isn't bad really for a Wings team that isn't a possession team. 32.04% expected goal rate and 14.29% danger chance rates are bad however. Only 6 high danger chances against at 5 on 5 so again we trying out best to hold teams down. BUT we got just 1 for. Yep 1. Every other game considerably more.


1. 4th line. The two kids and a shotblocker line managed 57.04% possession in their 6 minutes all together. One drawback of course is Glenny means no offense so the line had zero scoring chances and were out danger chanced 1-0. Outscored 1-0 as well. Either way Glenny not getting 18 minutes is a positive.

2. Filly and the Helmer. These two got bounced around together with 3 different wingers for more than just a blender shift. Had Hirose for 7 min, Smith for close to 2 and Names for close to 2. All told Filly ended up with 65.22 possession and 7-3 scoring chances. Helm 61.11 possession and 5-4 scoring chances. Both were highlights and Filly even got his first point of the year.

3. The chat room. It was fun


1. Bad Luck. The Mantha line with Ryan and Names was 50% possession in 7.58 together. Had the only high danger chance any line got at 5 on 5 for the team and allowed one. The negative is they somehow allowed 3 goals against. This reads like an AA stat line from last year as Mantha appears to be broken and his coach doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. Won't be fun if we end up selling him for pennies on the dollar as well.

2. The D decided to make costly errors. Nemeth tripped on a linesman for a goal (and horrible coverage on another near goal). Djoos with a dumb turnover behind the net led to zone time that led to a goal. A Staal misplay on the boards led to a 2-1 that led to a goal and Mantha killing Bernier. Stecher got exposed a couple times. DDK got out muscled. Twas a bad game for a D group that had held up surprisingly well so far.

3. Untimely penalties. Obviously we were working hard (not smart) and were drawing penalties for our inept PP. Problem is we shot ourselves with some of the few we took. Names took a dumb penalty while we were on the PP the killed one (and a 5-3 as Dallas took another soon after) and the worst was LGD taking one just after we got the game to 4-3.

4. Goalies. Neither was very good quite frankly and both had at least one soft goal against.

5. The first line. By god they were bad. 6.54 together for a glorious 15% possession rate. Lost the scoring chance battle 6-0 and the danger chance battle 3-0. The process seems to be making Brome wish for better days in Sweden.

Gotta hope Zadina, Merrill and to a lessor extent Fabs and Erne come back soon to help. This team doesn't have the coach to figure out how to do anything but try for 1-0 with a depleted roster. No creativity and no risk taking.

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