Last Year's Losses

I've heard from several sources that the Red Wings lost 31 games (of their 49 losses) by three or more goals last season. Yikes. It was also stated that the previous season they only lost 11 by that many.

I wondered how many of last season's games, where we lost by three more more goals, were actually tied (of course not 0-0). As I was looking at the box scores I wondered how many we lost by two or more goals where the we scored first or the game was tied.

It turns out we lost 41 games by two or more goals and, as reported, lost 31 games by three or more goals. Of the games we lost by two or more more goals, we scored first in 15 (37%) and 20 of those games (49%) were tied. Of the 31 games we lost by three or more goals, we scored first in 11 (35%) and 16 of those games (52%) were tied.

I suspect the main reason for these close games turning into losses is we had very little depth and ran out of gas as the games progressed, especially with Howard in goal and fourteen different defensemen playing, including the all-stars Daley, Ericsson, Bowey, Green, and Cholowski (I need to mention Hronek who was a team worst -38). One also can't forget our all-star forwards of AA, Filppula, LGD, Fabbri, Erne, and Ehn.

So, considering the additions to (and the subtractions from) our team this year, I would be happy if we'd only lose 10-15% of our games by 3 or more goals (instead of 44% like last year). I'd call that real progress.

LGRW. :-)

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