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WIIM Predictions Contest Returns!

Not the BOLD Predictions, but you can get as crazy as you want up in here.

1986 UCI Worlds - Men’s Tandem Sprint
Just picture it: you too could be rocking this awesome bling if you make some great guesses. ‘80s cycling outfits not included.
Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

IIIIIII’m alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic!

Anyone else sing that at summer camp to get you excited for the day?

Well we may not be at summer camp, but the Red Wings did just wrap up camp of their own, and... uh, sorry, that was a weak segue. I’m admittedly a little rusty.


It’s been a loooong year and a half since the world went weird and we had a normal hockey season, and it’s been exactly that long since the Winging It In Motown Predictions Contest was alive and thriving. My apologies, dear hockey friends.

But fear not! Because I bring good tidings of great joy: said Predictions Contest is also back! In like three days! I hope you’re excited about that too because I really missed doing fun stuff in this community!

For those of you who have been around for a few years, the Predictions Contest will hopefully be familiar. For you newbies, I’ll explain! We’ve already seen the BOLD Predictions from the rest of the staff, but this is for you, our lovely commenters! It’ll be ongoing throughout the season as we compile predictions for the outcomes of each and every Red Wings game we’re about to enjoy. And while the BOLD Predictions are for the real far-out forecasts about the year to come, these predictions are your time to show off your skills at making realistic guesses about the Red Wings.

Or you could get as wild as you want every game. I won’t tell you what to do.

Ahh, but where’s the fun in being realistic, you ask? Why not say the Red Wings are sure to win in a blowout for all 82 games?

Well, my friends, there are points on the line! You know, hence the contest part of all this.

In each Morning Skate post, you’ll see an embedded Google form where you’ll enter three different answers about that night’s game: the winning team, the final score, and the Red Wings Player of the Game. The POTG will be determined by consensus of the writing staff on conclusion of the game.

(Just remember to keep track of the games played in Canada, ‘cause you know, don’t pick Tyler Bertuzzi for those ones. Womp womp.)

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Correct winning team: 1 point
  • Correct POTG: 3 points
  • Correct score: 5 points
  • All three correct: 15 points

Now I know sometimes things change between the Morning Skate being published and puck drop. Players leave practice with a pulled muscle, lines get switched up, there’s a last-minute goalie change. Never fear! You can submit more than one prediction for any game as long as it’s in before the official game start time. Only the last one submitted will be counted though, so make sure you’re sure!

So there you have it, the rundown of the WIIM Predictions Contest! I’ll be giving updates on the standings throughout the season so we can keep tabs on who’s on track to win the coveted Golden Octopus*! There’s also the special Iron Octopus ready for anybody that makes a prediction for all 82 games this season, so get those divining brains of yours rolling!

Let’s Go Red Wings!!!

*Golden Octopus is not a registered trademark and is worth internet points only. I’m sorry that I don’t actually have an octopus to send you. Please accept digital recognition in the form of a winner’s post and a celebratory gif.