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Quick Hits: The Making Adjustments Edition

Singapore Dealer Silver Bullion Pte Preps Vault for 15,000 Tons of Precious Metal Amid Boom

In Red Wings Land

With Dylan Larkin hurt, here’s how Detroit Red Wings will cope with significant injuries - Freep

“How do you absorb injuries? One, you have to be really good defensively. Because without Larks, without Fabs, without Bert, without Bobby Ryan, we’ve lost firepower upfront. I don’t think we were a super high-scoring team to begin the year with, and certainly we’ve lost a lot of firepower. Really it goes along with the themes of the season, but it’s even more essential — we have to be great defensively.”

For those of us hoping that we’d see the Wings start to open it up and trust in the kids a bit more in the waning days of the season, that’s going to be a no.

Around the League

Report: NHL’s 2021-22 season gets a target start date - RMNB

With a September 22 start date for training camp and a possible preseason, the NHL will play hockey in every month of 2021 except for August. The NHL is excpted to complete this season’s playoffs in mid-July before quickly rolling into its normal offseason activities including the entry draft, an expansion draft for the Seattle Kraken, and free agency.

I’m absolutely not joking when I say the extra time off the Wings will get could end up being a pretty decent-sized boon for them going into next season at just the right time.