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Quick Hits: The Closer to Next Year Edition

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NHL: SEP 25 Preseason - Red Wings at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

It’s Helmerroids’ Red Wings Awards time!

Also this

Around the League

Kraken digging deep to add Seattle flavor to in-game entertainment -

“They’re fine with coffee and the Space Needle and the ferry and Pike Market,” Greco said. “Like, that’s fine. … Like, ‘Hey, look. We’re in Seattle! Here’s the four things, and we’re going to play Nirvana too! That’s what Seattle is, right?’ Those things have to influence some of what we do.

“But for real Seattleites, for real Pacific Northwesterners, they’re like, ‘You’ve got to go deeper. You’ve got to go wider. You’ve got to get a little bit more like … ‘Oh, you know this person? They started playing at the coffee shop on the corner.’ “

They should call a passing play one yard from the end zone if they really want to cut deep.