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Red Wings Ink Michael Rasmussen to 3 Year Extension, $1.46M AAV

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Detroit Red Wings v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

With the roster freeze lifting at 1pm today, the Red Wings wasted no time announcing an extension for center Michael Rasmussen. The deal is for the next three seasons and carries a $1.46M cap hit.

I think this is a great deal for Detroit. Rasmussen played in the NHL before the team would have chosen, but the other option was to play in a league he had outgrown.

The term is short and the cap hit is very reasonable, so if he doesn’t continue to progress, the contract won’t be an albatross for the team going forward. Additionally, he will be an RFA at the end of it.

So far, Steve Yzerman is one-for-one in the post-expansion draft free agency signings.