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Quick Hits: The Cheap Shots Edition

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Daily Camera Archives Photo by Lewis Geyer/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

When will the Red Wings be competitive again? - Yahoo

With all of this talent stashed away and more likely to come, the Red Wings should be eyeing a return to the playoffs in 2023-24. The current roster is in no position to compete, but two more offseasons should allow Yzerman to bring in the requisite supporting talent to surround his up-and-coming stars.

This is the last paragraph of the entire article and the several hundred words leading up to it don’t really explain why the author reaches this conclusion but more tells the story of how the roster got to where it was.

At least it wasn’t that other Yahoo writer nobody likes.

Around the League

Rask says he would be ‘cheap goalie’ for Bruins - NHL

“I would say I’m not looking for a $7 million contract anymore,” he said. “I just like to help the team out. I feel like I’m a veteran goalie and there are some young guys coming in, so whatever I can do to help the guys out I will do it and end my career as a Bruin.

“I’ll be ready to go probably around Christmastime, January. So hopefully I can start skating here in a month and a half or so and then progress from there and be ready to go in January.”

I mean with the proliferation of the milk crate challenge going around, a guy specializing in milk crate related violence seems he would have to lower his appearance fee.