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Quick Hits: The Seeing Red Edition

A few Red Wings prospects are on their way to Boston

The Ishihara Color Test. Photo by: PHAS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

In Red Wings News

Same person who believed Bertuzzi was open to a trade before the deadline so take it for what you will.

Around the League

How Colorblind NHL Players See The Game - FiveThirtyEight

In the NHL, where opposing teams face each other in alternating dark and white jerseys, colorblindness doesn’t typically get in the way because light and dark are usually easy to differentiate for people with color vision deficiency. Everything looks a tad different than it does for people who don’t have color vision deficiency, but the ice is still white and the puck is still black.

Youth hockey, however, is different. Jerseys aren’t always the same dark-on-light contrast.

This is a really interesting read.