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Quick Hits: The Just Say No Edition

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NHL: APR 12 Oilers at Wild

In Red Wings News

Red Wings Daily: Mo Not Likely To Be In Detroit’s Future - DetHockeyNow


A report on TSN’s Insider Trading on Tuesday claimed that Maurice isn’t in any hurry to get back behind an NHL bench and it will take something very dramatic to change his mind in that regard.

“A lot of ifs,” was how TSN’s Darren Dreger described Maurice’s mood regarding an NHL coaching comeback. “Paul Maurice is in no rush to return to the NHL.

Gentle reminder that Paul Maurice quit on his team. I’ve got him one step above Patrick Roy on my want list for coaches.

Around the League

So Ryan Hartman gave Evander Kane the bird and got fined for it. Because they’re hopeless dorks, Minnesota fans decided to give the guy in the first year of a $5.1M contract money to pay the fine. Since he’s NOT a hopeless dork, he’s donating it to a good cause.

I guess we can all enjoy that Minnesota fans’ hopeless dorkiness can be used for good.

This is a clipping from a paywalled article at the Athletic about the tenure of the late Melnyk.

You can read the full thing here if you have a subscription.

I say go ahead and speak ill of the dead if you want.