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Quick Hits: The Lucky Sevens Edition

Toronto Maple Leafs fans Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

In Red Wings Land

For reference that’s the 2000-01 first round loss to the Kings where the Leafs made it ALL THE WAY to the 2nd round before bowing out like chumps.

To be honest I was telling myself all series long that no matter who was eliminated I would be happy about it, but the longer the series went, the more I found myself actually rooting for the Lightning. I feel filthy.

Now with a choice between the potential threepeaters with Corey Perry and Florida with my new favorite “old guy who everybody else seems to like but I’d rather eat pine-needles for a week than root for” Joe Thornton, I’m just pulling for the Metro at this point (and desperately hoping that this doesn’t mean I ever have to say Go Penguins).