Can anyone put the pieces together?

I'm a life long Detroit sports fan, and I admit I only became enthralled with the Red Wings during their great Stanley Cup runs. Who wouldn't be enraptured by the excitement that was generated by Yzerman, Federov, Lidstrom, Shannahan, and so many other stars?

It seemed that the Wings had their trials and tribulations reaching the top, but you seemed to know that they had the firepower to be in contention. Conversely, the Detroit Pistons didn't seem to have the very best of the best players but together their team work and passion led to championships too.

Where or how do today's Red Wings likely come together? Do they have a budding superstar, or are they going to have to eek things out with great team play?

Moritz Seider seems very promising. Perhaps other young players have similar potential. Simon Edvinson might be the next rookie of the year candidate, or he might not even make the team. I'm feeling confused and a bit lost.

What do other Red Wing fans think? Do we have the horses to reach a playoff spot? Do we have the young stars that will reach super stardom? Or, are we destined to be a middling want to be team?

In my opinion, and it is not meant to be rude, cruel, or even that informed, I think that getting some young super star talent is the only hope the Wings have of winning a Stanley Cup. Seider, Edvinson, Raymond, Kasper, and maybe others have that potential. If so, I would hope that Yzerman would do everything in his power to develop these players into being the best versions of themselves possible.

What kind of script do others envision? Will Yzerman's middling free agent signings equate to a sum greater than their individual parts? Or, do you believe some of our young players can emerge as super stars? I really hope I will get responses to this question. I'm sincerely interested in hearing how hopeful, or how others envision this panning out.

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