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SBN Reacts Results: What Wings Want

Detroit Red Wings v Minnesota Wild Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Hey remember our recent Reacts post that asked for your input on our two pressing questions?

We’ve compiled the answers and now I want to share. We’ll start with the one that got asked about two hours before it got rendered moot by the Red Wings hiring Derek Lalonde.

SBN Reacts 2

I didn’t ask our stats nerds to tell us how many of those answers came in before people knew what was going to happen, but hey, let’s all pretend that 5% that voted for somebody else did so just because they were after-the-fact grumpy.

Now the bigger pressing question:

SBN reacts 1

I thought that the argument between best available and biggest need was closer than this.

Either way I think Red Wings fans got both of these opinions right so hooray. Also, yes, opinions can be right or wrong. Anybody whose opinion differs is wrong.

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