Agent for Evgeny Svechnikov responds to report claiming player will return to Russia

First and foremost, as an editor, I would like to make one thing clear: The Red Wings do not let Winging it in Motown play a part in the confirmation of any reports or rumors. Why is that? Well, we’ve been over this before. We, as a blog, have fought tooth and nail to get into the locker room to ask questions, but have constantly been denied. So, myself, and the staff that I oversee, works with what we have. Whether it be unconfirmed reports, or rumors — we are here to let the fans and readers know what is going on.

With that being said, a report published early Thursday from a Russian outlet indicated that Evgeny Svechnikov had plans to return to Russia and play in the KHL. I made the decision to let our community of passionate readers and fans know about the report, which appears to be bogus. You can read the post here, and as you will clearly see, we reiterated that this was an unconfirmed report, and that we would update our readers as soon as we learned the truth. Here is your update.

MLive, using their ability to ask questions to people who can answer them, published a rebuke of the report from Svechnikov’s agent, saying the forward is “totally committed” to the Red Wings. Here’s a snippet from the column:

Russian Web site, claimed Svechnikov will play for AK Bars Kazan next season. No source was cited. Russian media reports are notoriously unreliable.

This is correct, media reports from many outlets overseas can be unreliable. They did not cite a source, it was also a roughly translated article, which was reiterated in our article.

So, it appears that this was all hogwash, and I’m happy it is. Evgeny Svechnikov is, and always has been a valuable piece of the Red Wings core of younger players.

Now that we have that out of the way, will I apologize? No. I won’t. I would apologize if I were given the opportunity to ask questions to those who can actually answer them. As always, I’m thankful for our readers and our community who always create wonderful dialogue in a civil manner. We’ll continue to cover the Red Wings, and any rumors that may be out there.