Alexander Radulov mulling over return to NHL, Red Wings on his list of potential teams per Elliote Friedman

If you haven't paid much attention to potential KHL players who are mulling over coming to the NHL, Alexander Radulov is one of the names atop the list. Elliote Friedman reported that Radulov is spending time in New York, readying his decision on if he will come back to North American hockey or not. Friedman mentions the Red Wings on the list of teams that Radulov is interested in:


Nothing certain, of course. It sounds like Colorado will be the first team on the list, which is to be expected. Before he left for Russia, Radulov had 102 points in 154 games. He's a skilled winger, but the concern would be contract terms. I think that if he really wants to make a return, he'll have to be okay with taking a one-to-two year deal. It would be a lucrative option for Detroit, if they expressed any interest in negotiating with him. The problem with Radulov is that he's a polarizing personality. He was the same guy who took a whack at his coach while he was on the bench:

YouTube: Moky

He's 29, he's skilled, but my opinion is that if he isn't willing to negotiate a "show us what you've got" contract, the Red Wings will steer clear.