WIIM Game Predictions Contest - Final Results!

Well, we've reached the end of the season. It's a sad time for all fans who are no longer watching their favorite team play hockey (but invigorating for non-Blackhawks fans, who are all greatly enjoying the demise of the defending champions).

For the lovely citizens of Winging It In Motown, it's also time for bragging rights.

I had a lot of fun reinstating the predictions contest this season, doling out a total of 4,993 points to 557 participants. Some came and went after one game, and a dedicated few made guesses for every single one of the Red Wings' 87 games this season! Kudos to beer league arbitration and Snuke for being those prestigious two!

I'd like to make a quick shoutout to holmstrom96, who nobly sacrificed points in the name of superstition by putting in silly quips and phrases and keeping things funny, even when the team's situation seemed dire. Thanks, Erik!

Also a quick shoutout to the confused Chicago fan that must have wandered into our realm to make this prediction during our home-and-home series with the Blackhawks:

Thanks for making me laugh, whoever you are.

In the end, internet fame could only be doled out to one of our dear friends here, henceforth known as the "Chef För Alla Chefer," which means you are now the boss of the #SwedishMafia.

But first, the runners-up!

Coming in third place with a respectable 114 points is TVP73! You receive a Bronze Octopus.

Receiving the Silver Octopus for second place is rsizzle! with 122 points!

And running away with the contest, with a whopping 172 points, is...

wingingintherain! Congratulations! Not only did you smoke the competition, you were one prediction shy of making one for all 87 games. Now that's dedication! You receive a Gold Octopus, the title of "Chef För Alla Chefer," and thousands of adoring fans. For the next calendar year, you will be able to lord your superior predicting skills over all the other WIIMers. Just don't let it go to your head, because your title defense starts in October.

Another HUGE thank you to everyone who took part in the contest this year. I've had a great first season writing with and for all of you, and this was a fun way to connect a little more with the best of all the SBN Hockey communities. (I might be a little biased.)

Let's Go Red Wings!!!