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At least we ruined the shutout: Preds 2 – Wings 1

First Period

I forgot how mercilessly yellow the Preds uniforms are. Solid yellow goalie pads should be illegal. Saros and Husso have both already had to put in some work 3 minutes in, and it’s time for a Rrrrrrred Wings powerplay! Duchene in the Bad Boy Box. The Wings only get 30 seconds of powerplay before Seider is in the Ruffian Receptacle and we’ll play 4v4 for 1:30. All penalties killed.

Welcome to the ref show! Another weak penalty even though it is in our favor. Sherwood Sher did commit a minor sports crime and sits in the Loser Locker. Red Wings powerplay! Powerplay dead.

4:40 to go and now Wings on the penalty kill. Larkin heads to the Timeout Terrarium. Penalty killed! Wings put on the pressure with 30 seconds to go but Saros shuts it down.

Mickeyism of the period: “These refs aren’t taking any bologna, especially not with mustard on it!”

Also, yeehaw.

Second Period

Wings get called for Too Much Man. Penalty kill with Perron serving the Jiri Hudler Memorial Bench Penalty in the Crimes Cabana. Penalty killed!

Now it’s another Wings powerplay, Josi in the You-Can’t-Do-That Yurt for holding. Weak call? Probably.

We’re on the penalty kill again. Hagg in the Horrible Hagg Hut and this time somebody scores. Unfortunately, it’s Kiefer Sherwood. 1-0 Preds.

From there, nothing really happens. Wings lead in shots but not the scoreboard. The Preds playing a boring but so far effective style of hockey.

Mickeyism of the period (feat. Ken Daniels):

Third Period

Welp. Not off to a great start. 17:38 and it’s 2-0 Preds. Thomas Novak tips it in. Nothing has happened in the 10 minutes since then, or I’m drowning in disenchantment. Maybe a bit of both.

About time another penalty was called! Walman is walled up in the Reprobate Room. Penalty kill time and penalty killed.

3 minutes to go and net empty. Shots are 27-16 us but the score is 2-0 them. One more chance for the Wings powerplay to get it done. Larkin’s face draws a roughing penalty, Fabbro assigned to the Office of Ostracization. GUESS WHO IT IS AGAIN? CHIASSON SCOOOOOOOOOOOOORES! 2-1 Preds. Third game in a row with a powerplay goal for Chiasson. It was reviewed to see if he kicked it in, and in this author’s opinion yeah he kinda did, but we got to keep the goal.

But it’s not enough. Preds win 2-1.

Mickeyism of the period: “Merci beaucoup.”

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