BOLD Predictions 3: The Old-Timers

Welcome to day three of our BOLD predictions series! You've slogged through two days of all the laughably incorrect stuff to finally get the true stone-cold locks for the season (and also to get predictions from Graham and Jeff).

I won't waste any more of your time. Let's get to the predictions so you can leave yours below as well.

BOLD Predictions Part I (Caleb, Matt, Prashanth)

BOLD Predictions Part II (Kyle, Joseph, Christian)


1. Brendan Smith is on the top pair by the end of the season

Graham: For Boston

J.J.: For Edmonton

2. Jimmy Howard starts game 1 of the playoffs

Graham: For Boston

J.J.: For Edmonton

3. Tyler Bertuzzi scores at least 2 NHL goals

Graham: And has 2 called back on reputation

J.J.: For Edmonton

4. Mike Babcock wins the Jack Adams award

Graham: Pays to suck, eh Mike?

J.J.: For Edmonton

5. Edmonton Oilers make the playoffs

Graham: Followed by another 10 year suckathon

J.J.: For Edmonton?


1. Mike Green scores more points than all other Wing defensemen combined

J.J.: And all the press can say is that he's a defensive liability

Jeff: Not if Brendan Smith gets any power play time.

2. Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist finish 1-2 in scoring on the Wings in that order

J.J.: Jakub Kindl is the king of scoring on the Wings

Jeff: Luke Glendening is third.

3. The Red Wings sweep their first round opponent

J.J.: It's Columbus again.

Jeff: Please be the Bruins. Please be the Bruins. Please be the Bruins.

4. Jack Eichel outscores Connor McDavid by at least 10 goals and 25 points

J.J.: Unfair competition with Eichel getting to play so many games against the Leafs

Jeff: America > Canada

5. 3 Red Wing players play in all 82 games

J.J.: Quincey, Ericsson, Cleary

Jeff: All 3 get injured in Game 1 of the playoffs.


1. At least one player will be suspended for leaving his feet to make a hit on February 29th (Leap Day!)

Jeff: And Bruins fans will love Zac Rinaldo for the hit.

Graham: Boooooooo

2. Dallas' goal differential will be higher than 5 other Central teams, but they'll be no higher than 3rd in the division

Jeff: It's Tyler Seguin's fault for partying too much.

Graham: Unfortunately Antti Niemi won't play against the Red Wings enough times to lower his GAA

3. Buffalo finishes with at least 30 more points than Toronto

Jeff: Again, America > Canada

Graham: Mike Babcock realizes he made a terrible mistake while lounging on his piles and piles of money

4. Johan Franzen leads the Red Wings in goal scoring

Jeff: ...but his next goal may be his last goal.

Graham: As long as no one touches him

5. Anthony Mantha plays more games for the Wings this season than Kyle Quincey

Jeff: I'd be very, very, very disappointed if this doesn't come true.

Graham: Dammit JJ don't make me want to agree with you