Check out WIIM's Fanpost Section and Help us out

There's a real good chance that you've already seen the call for applicants to join the WIIM staff that we put up last week. Well, applications are still open, but we've already received over 100 by this point and are in the process of trying to narrow things down. We're thrilled that we got such great turnout and also kind of sad that it means we're going to have to turn away a big number of qualified applicants.

So far, we've contacted everybody who applied before this Sunday and have explained that posting new Fanposts to WIIM can help us get a really good read on how they write and also how they work with our community. We've already had a number of fanposts put up by potential writers and simply can't put all of them on the front page. While writing Fanposts isn't a requirement, it certainly doesn't hurt a writer's chances.

What we're asking of you, our loyal readers? Head into our Fanpost section and give them a read. Then, give some good feedback. Ask some questions and let us know what you think of these posts as though they're full-fledged articles (because they are). I'm not asking you to be a college writing professor and nit-pick or force a bunch of people to defend their writing like it's a masters thesis, but we'll definitely be taking note of the pieces which do best to drive your interest.

Thanks all!