Quick Hits: The Goalies Edition

In Red Wings Land

How bizarre postseason for goalies might affect Red Wings - MLive

What happens in Boston and St. Louis could have a ripple effect on the goaltending market prior to the scheduled start of training camps in mid-November.

The Detroit Red Wings are in the market for a goalie, either through free agency or trade, to pair with Jonathan Bernier. They are not expected to re-sign Jimmy Howard.

Khan goes on to list every free agent goalie out there. Who do you like?

Around the NHL

2020 NHL playoffs in a vacuum: How players are coping with empty arena games

“It’s like the perfect experiment,” said Dr. Sian Beilock, a cognitive scientist specializing in the psychology of sports and currently president of Barnard College in New York.

“For me, it’s less about fans not being there and more about what players are used to. What a lot of research shows is that practicing under the conditions you play in is really important, and this was certainly a change in conditioning for players that have played with fans for a long time. It’s about adapting. Realizing that it’s not just about your skill and what happens on the rink, but that the outside matters, too. So how are they generating their own momentum, if they don’t have it from the crowd?”

Or they could just ask the Panthers.

Tuukka Rask reportedly told WEEI’s Greg Hill why he opted out of NHL playoffs

“I can tell you that he got a phone call in the bubble from his wife, because there was a medical emergency with their daughter,” Hill explained. “Basically, the kind of situation where I believe Tuukka Rask did what every parent would do and was obviously very concerned. It was suggested they seek medical help.

I’m in a weird spot on this because I saw people talking about how Rask’s critics would “feel pretty stupid if what happened with Rask ever came out” and I was kind of hoping against it coming out because Rask doesn’t owe anybody an explanation.  On the other hand, watching blustery dorks impugn his love of the game now trying to backpedal that those criticisms TOTALLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS has been entertaining.