Dan Cleary Will Report To Grand Rapids - "I Just Needed Some Time"

So, we got some news today. Craig Custance reported that Red Wings veteran Daniel Cleary will in fact report to Grand Rapids after clearing waivers back on October 8th:

What exactly did he need time for? Well. I guess it's a bit hard to digest the fact that your career in the NHL could possibly be coming to an end. However, it raises the question if he reports to Grand Rapids on Tuesday, does that mean he's on the Red Wings roster through the weekend? Doubtful he'll play, obviously, but the question begs to be asked.

You can look at it however you want. Perhaps you take the pessimistic stance of "He's taking a kid's roster spot," and maybe you take the "He could be a good mentor for younger players." I'm in between, but until I see the Griffins scratching players like Tyler Bertuzzi, Anthony Mantha, Tomas Nosek, or Andreas Athanasiou in favor of Cleary, I'm not too worried about it. Just find it strange he needed so long to come to terms with his fate. Best of luck, Danny.