Detroit Red Wings Free Agency Nightmare 2014: Detroit Gives Kyle Quincey a Raise

Hahahaha you thought you were going to sit down tonight and reflect on what a bad sports day this was.

We watched free agent after free agent go elsewhere. We saw the Detroit diggers backpedal from an entire week's worth of talk about their plans and dropping promise about where they stood. Then we saw the embedded spin machine promise us that Kenny did everything he could and more, but he simply couldn't force guys to take worse deals than what they apparently either did offer or were willing to offer.

Then this:

Fuck it.

Kyle Quincey got a raise. Nearly half a million dollars more for the guy with the worst penalty differential in the NHL.

Fuck that.

I'm sure I'll probably calm down about this move later but I want to go on record right this second as absolutely hating it. This way when I spend the next two years trying to convince myself to give this motherfucker a break, you all know that it's simply that I refuse to spend that much time seething over a team I love.

This signing leaves the Wings with approximately $9.5M in cap space with Tomas Tatar and Danny DeKeyser left to re-sign. There's plenty of room to make more moves and improve the team, but as of right now, the Wings are essentially carrying forward a slightly lighter lineup for more money (pending the seemingly inevitable re-signings of Daniels Cleary and Alfredsson)