Detroit Red Wings Jimmy Howard Placed on IR Following Groin Injury

The news we were kind of hoping against but also expecting has started to come in.

Last updates on Howard were that he was undergoing an MRI to figure out the extent of damage to his groin. Howard hurt himself stretching backwards across his net trying to prevent a wraparound goal after a defensive miscommunication left Troy Brouwer as the one player to get a puck that Howard had left behind his net while the Wings were killing a penalty.

We'll update more as Howard's injury news becomes clearer. All we know so far is that the Wings have said it's a groin issue.

As far as the goaltending situation goes, Petr Mrazek will get the majority of starts in the near-term and the Wings expect Jonas Gustavsson back from his early season shoulder injury in not too long. McCollum could potentially get into a game, but without injury or in-game catastrophe for Mrazek, I don't know if I expect it. We'll know more as next weekend approaches though; Sunday the 18th will be the second game on back-to-back nights and the Red Wings' third game in four days. We'll see what happens.

[Edit 6:45pm]

I'm not a doctor so I don't know what they're looking for when they do an ultrasound after doing an MRI, but it certainly sounds like they are being very careful to figure out the extent of the injury so they can prepare his treatment.