Quick Hits: The Giving Season Edition

In Red Wings Land

Wings celebrate another successful Hometown Holiday Assist | DetroitRedWings.com

The Red Wings are not only giving up goals to their opponents, but they’re giving out gifts for the holidays too!

All jokes aside... this a really great thing that the organization does and it’s awesome to see the players participate.

The week before Christmas, the Wings will make their annual visit to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan to visit the kids there and deliver all the presents.

”It’s awesome,” Glendening said. “To see both sides is pretty cool. You see these kids, they’re searching for gifts that they think that other kids would like. To see the kids at the hospital receive those gifts is awesome.”

Mantha said the annual hospital visit is one of the highlights of the holiday season.

”The smiles that they have on their faces at that point is just amazing,” Mantha said. “Their parents are thrilled to see us. Even some of the kids, they watch us play and they know who we are so as soon as they see us walking into the room, I think they forget everything and they’re just enjoying the moment that we’re there. It’s always fun.”

Around the League

Leafs’ Shanahan doesn’t join Babcock dissenters, but applauds speaking out | Sportsnet

Brendan Shanahan weighed in on the Johan Franzen/Mike Babcock story:

“I sat with Johan a couple years ago at a game in Detroit and we just talked about things in general and it never came up,” said Shanahan.

”But I don’t dispute for a second that Johan is telling an experience that did in fact happen. He and I and many others come from a generation, obviously, where we didn’t speak about that stuff immediately. And now I think that players are choosing to speak up more often and I applaud him for having the courage to do that. …