Quick Hits: Howard Benched; Tankmania 2015 Main Event

Red Wings News

Jijmmy Howard pulled in Detroit Red Wings' 6-4 loss to San Jose Sharks
Giveaways, soft goals, and more of the same from the Red Wings. Is this rock bottom? We can only hope.

Plan for Red Wings arena neighborhood on hold
An update on the zoning request I mentioned yesterday that is currently stuck in committee.

On Brink Of 24th Consecutive Appearance, Red Wings Own Cheapest Tickets For Stanley Cup Playoffs - Forbes
This piece is about how long-term sustained success drives down the price of playoff tickets, at least in the early rounds. There are obviously other factors involved (most notably local and national economic ones), but this is pretty neat. Now if they can just hang on to that playoff spot...

Jimmy Howard's struggles prompt Red Wings to turn to Petr Mrazek for next game -- and maybe more | MLive.com

Howard had another howler last night, allowing three goals on nine shots before being replaced before the second period. Mrazek wasn't a whole lot better in this game (or this season as a whole), but we know the type of talent he possesses and I think this is the right move.

NHL News

Coyotes ‘win’ against Sabres in OT | ProHockeyTalk
The two tankiest teams that ever did tank met last night in the main event of Tankmania 2015. Coincidentally, the Leafs ended up being the real winners with the game going into overtime.

NHL Playoff Death Watch: East races intensify; Flames knocked outside bubble | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Keep up on teams chasing the Wings. We aren't yet at the point where they're mentioned in these updates, but we aren't that far off, either.

Boston Bruins have Stanley Cup Playoff berth on line - NHL.com - NHL Insider
Speaking of playoff implications, the Bruins are fighting for their postseason lives. An April 2 matchup in Detroit could loom large for both teams.

Jack Eichel of Boston University talks Hobey Baker, 2015 NHL Draft - 2015 NHL Draft
Words from the likely second pick in the June NHL Entry Draft.

The dream is real: Casey Bailey made his NHL debut | Alaska Dispatch News
Pretty cool story about a guy who was sitting in class at Penn State a week ago. Whether you consider playing for this year's version of the Toronto Maple Leafs an "NHL debut" is up to you.

Sabres fans embrace the tank, cheer Coyotes' goals | NHL | Sporting News

This is understandably frustrating for the players playing in front of these fans, but I have absolutely zero issues with embracing the tank (openly cheering against your team in-arena isn't cool. Keep your delight in defeat restricted to discreet fist pumps). I also totally understand it, being someone who actively rooted against the 2013-14 Milwaukee Bucks because of an owner who preferred fighting for the 8-seed every year and pocketing the revenue from one playoff series (while flaunting that he's producing a "winning product"), rather than tearing down the entire thing to initiate an earnest rebuild. It sucks rooting for perpetually bad teams, and these respective leagues have caused this by having such bottom-heavy lottery odds.