Quick Hits: The Jeff Blashill’s Contract Edition

In Red Wings Land

LeBrun: Coaches who could soon be free agents, plus how the concussion protocol played out with Carey Price | The Athletic ($)

It’s never very comfortable for a head coach to be working on an expiring deal, but it’s also part of the business, especially when you’ve been somewhere a while or you’re working for a new boss.

There are three head coaches on expiring deals, more or less, this season:

Detroit’s Jeff Blashill signed a two-year extension late last season with the Red Wings but my understanding is that it’s a one-year deal plus a club option for Year 2. So this season is the only guaranteed part of things.

Oh, really? That’s interesting.

So I guess that means you could say Jeff Blashill is on a one year “prove it” deal with the Red Wings? If Steve Yzerman isn’t happy with the work he’s doing behind the bench, the organization can just decline his option for next season and walk away.

Around the League

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I’m a big fan of Alex Faust. He did a ton of college hockey games for NESN back in the day when I worked there. Plus, if Alex Trebek approves of his work, then the rest of us should too.