Quick Hits: The Where Will He Ehn’d Up Edition

In Red Wings Land

2019-20 NHL Season Preview: Detroit Red Wings | The Athletic ($)

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Expectations don’t seem very high for the Red Wings this season.

Christoffer Ehn looks to fill checking role for Red Wings | MLive

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Key question: Does Ehn need more experience at the AHL level?

No, probably not, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be playing at the NHL level. Christoffer Ehn is solid 4th line player, but the Red Wings have a lot of those. We’ll see who is left standing after training camp.

Around the League

Six ways the NHL can improve the in-arena experience | ESPN

“Everyone I know who attends games thinks the music is too loud. I agree,” said (ironically named, in context) Gary Yellen, a Carolina Hurricanes fan. “I know it might be ‘a thing’ to pump up the music to try to get a high-energy experience. However, we would like to be able to talk to the person we are with, and the music makes that impossible.

Count me among the fans that believes the music is too loud. I’ve only been to Little Caesars Arena once, but I definitely remember being annoyed with the volume of things.