Quick Hits: The 10 Key Answers Edition

In Red Wings Land

10 key questions as Red Wings open first camp in Steve Yzerman era | Detroit News

I think TEd did a nice job with his 10 key questions here. Make sure to check out his answers to each of them in the link above. Meanwhile, here my answers for each question too.

1. Will Dylan Larkin be captain?

Yes. JK! Wings rolling with four alternate captains this season.

2. Will Zadina make opening night roster?


3. Will Veleno make a run toward NHL job?

He’ll make a really strong run, but will start in Grand Rapids. Don’t worry to much though because I think he’ll be with the Red Wings sooner rather than later.

4. What’s the health of the defensemen?


5. Where will Seider call home opening night?

Probably Grand Rapids.

6. How does Svechnikov look?

Good enough to make the opening night roster.

7. What is Abdelkader’s role?

4th liner with a very short leash.

8. Who is Oliwer Kaski?

A Finnish defenseman.

9. How does the goaltending shake out?

Status quo. Jimmy Howard will likely be the starter with Jonathan Bernier backing him up. Ride the hot goalie.

10. Can Hirose sustain his performance?

I absolutely believe that he can continue the success he had late last season.

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