Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins Game 3 Highlights & Post-Game Comments from Mike Babcock, Niklas Kronwall

Mike Babcock wasn't very pleased with his team's effort, and he refused to make excuses about the team's youth and problems. In fact, he was pretty clear cut as to what happened tonight.

"I didn't think we got going at all until maybe 32 minutes into the game," he said.

The good news seems to be that everyone on the roster and the coach are on the same page in terms of needing to remain patient with the puck, shooting more on the powerplay, and at the fact that the Bruins played a "good" game.

The Wings want to get better and flush everything out. There were no excuses, and that's great, but saying and doing are two completely different things.

Below are the comments from Niklas Kronwall, the guy with arguably the largest post-game media scrum.

It's obvious the Wings didn't get much going, but everyone acknowledges that the Bruins are a hard enough team to beat when they're not being helped out by bad goals caused by careless mistakes.

I'm glad everyone's composed, because most fans are definitely feeling this right about now:


If you want to see the entire collection of post-game comments from the Wings, feel free to check them out here.