Detroit Red Wings Waivers: Callahan, Porter, Ferraro All Clear

Update from yesterday's waiver news, thanks to Ansar:

So that answers a few questions, most-notably whether the team would lose Mitch Callahan to any of the other 29 teams looking for a high-energy winger who showed a good scoring touch at the AHL level. The team can assign these three to Grand Rapids any time in the next 30 days, but will do so immediately.

The next question about nobody going on waivers today brings up an opportunity to read between the lines about how they're going to move two more players off the roster before the compliance deadline tomorrow afternoon. Petr Mrazek will almost certainly be sent down, but that leaves 8 defensemen. The only one who can be removed from the roster through any mechanism other than a trade before the deadline is Xavier Ouellet.

Personally, I'm hoping for a trade.