Detroit Selects Carter Mazur with the 70th Pick Overall

The third round selection is a speedy winger.

In the first two rounds the Red Wings took two defensemen and a goaltender, so you would think they’d take a center, right? Each time Detroit came on the clock I was expecting them to take a center. Well, Detroit surprised me again and ended up taking a left wing with the 70th overall pick: Carter Mazur! (Pronounced “May-zer.”)

Position: Left Wing
Birth: March 28th, 2002, Detroit, MI
Age: 19
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 168 lbs
Shoots: Right
Current Team: University of Denver

Future Considerations regards Mazur as a bit of a stretch; he’s ranked 128th. He’s described as an agile and explosive skater that knows how to hustle and is responsible in his own zone. He led the the USHL in short-handed points last season and wears 91 (gasp!).

He’s a local kid and came up in the Little Caesar’s program, and overall he makes for an interesting choice at the 70th pick. I am sure a lot of readers would have liked to see a swing for the fences, and it’s important to remember that by draft position, this pick is, even if by description he sounds like the second coming of Darren Helm. It will be interesting to see the path this kid takes because I think most fans following the draft have concluded that the front office is playing 4D chess. Time will tell with this one, but that’s what’s fun about the draft.

Here is more on what Future Considerations has to say about Carter Mazur:

Mazur possesses great speed that will instantly catch your eye. He’s a very elusive skater, agile enough to navigate his way through traffic well. He’s very light on his feet and can change direction quickly, making him difficult to cover and defend. He can generate great bursts of speed that makes him very effective on the transition, able to accelerate through the neutral zone and control the puck with pace. Forces defenders to back up, gets to loose pucks before opponents and uses his strong edges to change direction and adapt to plays. He has some flash to his game. He handles and moves the puck really well, using his strong vision to find teammates through traffic in the offensive zone. Can beat defenders wide and take the puck behind the enemy net before looking to pass the puck into dangerous areas. On the power play he moves into soft spots, opening passing lanes and creating scoring chances with his quick and strong shot, but will need to improve on his accuracy if he wants to be more offensively effective. Fights his way past defenders. He constantly hustles back to help his teammates defend and will pick up the open man. Displays a great motor and plays with good intensity, finishing checks and making it hard for opponents to handle the puck. He is effective on the penalty kill, actively applying pressure, blocking shots, and using his stick to block passing lanes and take away space, while also being a scoring threat with his deadly speed. Is very defensively aware and understands where he needs to be and when to be aggressive or conservative. Teams looking to add speed and help on their penalty kill should consider Mazur.

I couldn’t find any individual highlights for Mazur, but here is a team highlight video from this past season spent with the USHL’s Tri-City Storm where he scores two goals. Also, enjoy the strange USHL tradition of throwing teddy bears on ice.