Dreger: "Kenny Holland Is Working Overtime To Renovate That Roster"

Holland Continues To Search The Market To Upgrade The Red WingsTSN's Darren Dreger appeared on TSN 690 in Montreal this morning and as transcribed by Today's Slapshots Chris Nichols, Dreger mentions that "Detroit seems to have a million irons in the fire." and "I mean Kenny Holland, he’s working overtime to renovate that roster."

This should sound like good news to Red Wings fans as a stream of information continues to come out from TSN analyst like Dreger and Bob McKenzie. Which led to my article yesterday about the possibility of a big offseason for the Wings.

Dreger's full comments were;

"There are teams with interest. And again, Detroit seems to have a million irons in the fire. I mean Kenny Holland , he’s working overtime to renovate that roster. They have interest in Radulov, but their interest is on a one-year term, and probably around 4, 4-5. I think that if Radulov is willing to come back down to reality, and look at a shorter term like a one-year contract, and around $4-5 million, he’ll find a home. But otherwise, if he’s going to stick to the two-year term, he’s going to wait."

As I have mentioned before, all of the potential major Red Wings moves will depend on moving the contract of Pavel Datsyuk, and from the reporting of Dreger and McKenzie it would be may have to be moved with either Tomas Jurco or Teemu Pulkkinen at most as a sweetener.

The next two weeks will be very interesting and also intriguing are as to what other possibilities Holland is looking at besides the names already in the rumor mill, no doubt Holland is also searching the market for an upgrade on defense.