Dylan Larkin to Represent Red Wings at 2016 NHL All-Star Game

Earlier today, we saw the concept designs and the explanation for this year's All Star Game jerseys on the NHL's official Twitter feed.

Opinions are mixed on the jerseys themselves, even among the WIIM staff (with Kyle saying they're not close to as good as last year's and me saying they're better... eh what can I say, the color scheme is a bit boring, but I'd take "a bit boring" over "DRINK MONSTER ENERGY AND BUNGEE JUMP OVER THE GRAND CANYON DANGLING FROM 78 DRONE HELICOPTERS FLYING TOGETHER IN SERIES WHILE HOPING YOU DON'T DIE.")

Although, even if I do have a not-hate opinion of the jerseys, this is laughable:

Each All-Star jersey features the official NHL Shield infused with the Predators' gold in the crest. For the on-ice version of the All-Star jersey, the crest has been constructed with reflective material which glimmers in certain light as a salute to Nashville's vibrant night-life scene. The black and white color scheme in each jersey shares the colors of the keys on a piano to celebrate the city of Nashville's "Music City" nickname


But enough about the jerseys, we've got even better news for you. Dylan Larkin is the Wings' representative for the Atlantic in this year's ASG! We discussed this last night on WIIM Radio, but I think Larkin is the perfect choice. He's young, energetic, and exciting enough to really appreciate a trip to the All-Star Game while being charming enough to represent the Wings well. Pavel Datsyuk would have been a good choice, but I have a feeling he'd rather not participate.

Larkin leads all Red Wings players in goals with 14 and is only two points behind Henrik Zetterberg for the team points lead. Larkin also currently holds the lead for rookie goalscoring with one more than Artemi Panarin and Jack Eichel. Congrats to the kid on making the team and getting work with a team captain who was already in the NHL by the time he was born.

Full rosters below: