Early 3-0 lead not enough, Wings fall to Tampa 5-4

Isn’t narrow defeat just an alternate, possibly even superior, form of victory for this Wings team?

Wes McCauley is reffing this game please someone score a questionable goal for review.

screeching bullhorn ROAD WHITES AT HOME ALERT.

First Period

Red Wings get off to a quick start, despite AA and Abby being on the same line, with a nice chance on the doorstep a minute into the period.

Just like the weather in my city, this team is suddenly HOT! Madison Bowey tees it up from just inside the blue line and fires it into the net. First goal as a Red Wing and his second goal as an NHLer giving us the 1-0 lead.

All of the sudden we are halfway through the first still ahead 1-0 and the Wings take a Too Much Man(TM) penalty and to the penalty kill we go. Tampa really moves the puck well during the powerplay and-



Darren Helm gets a SHORT HANDED GOAL!!!!!!!! 2-0 RED WINGS!!!!!!

Ok, great game everyone, see you later.

All right, fine.

6 minutes to go and how the turn tables. Ken Daniels felt the need to say “this is not a powerplay” as Tampa pours it on and Howard wonders who he was in his past life to deserve this.

We escape the period with our 2-0 lead, what will the second period hold?

Second Period

So that Helm shorty was cool, and Bowey scoring that’s unlikely to, but then



3-0 Red Wings just like that.

And of course, AA misses the open net. Amazing he’s scored as many goals as he has when he’s missed about 100 open nets.

Suddenly, there’s under 8 minutes to go in the second, Tampa is outshooting the Wings 20-10, and they are going back on the powerplay. No Helm heroics this time, Stamkos is left wide open and has all the time in the world to snipe it in. 3-1 Wings.

5 minutes to go and Mantha gets in all alone but can’t get a good shot off, although a mediocre shot probably would have been enough, but in any case no go.

Red Wings recover and only give up one very dangerous bum clenching chance for Tampa to score in the closing seconds of the period that would have been an absolute dagger to the spleen, but don’t worry Howard makes the save and Kronwall sweeps the rebound out of danger.

Second period ends with the Wings ahead 3-1.

Third Period

uh oh. Stamkos scores again. Jimmy made a good save on the first shot but that had him down so Stamkos had room to chip it up and in.

3-2 Wings.

Four minutes in and the Red Wings are going on the powerplay as Bertuzzi gets tripped up by Vasilevskiy. Nothing happens.

And now everyone’s favorite penalty - puck over the glass delay of game! Witter goes for a sit in the box and Tampa goes on the powerplay and scores IMMEDIATELY like they hadn’t even finished announcing the penalty. Kucherov, 4 seconds into the powerplay.

3-3. Tie game.

Things have taken a turn.

4-3 Tampa.

Past the halfway mark and Wings get another chance on the powerplay. Delay of game on Tampa this time off the icing which ok we’ll take it. Zadina works hard but Tampa is able to complete the kill and we’re back to even strength.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Kucherov scores. 5-3 Tampa with a few minutes to go.

2 minutes to go.


Wings come real close to tying it just seconds later with a scramble in the crease. Tampa misses an empty net in AA fashion.

30 seconds to go.


Wings lose 5-4.

Official Box Score