Project Unity Bauer NHL Jersey Redesigns (via Imgur)


IMGUR user AnxiousOx has redesigned NHL jerseys for the post Reebok era. Here's a link to all the jerseys The Red Wings jersey is one that really doesn't need to be changed. It's perfect, and iconic much like the rest of the Original Six jerseys. However, I actually like this redesign. Not as an alternate jersey, but hell, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this for the Stadium Series. What do you think?

Euro Twin Terror in NHL 16


Can't sleep... Euro Twins will eat me.

Yesterday we saw the Stanley Cup on accident, maybe?


The girlfriend and I went up to Grand Rapids for an overnight stay, hitting breweries and museums. We decided to hit Founder's (again) for a bite and a beer before heading back to Detroit and the supposed Cup was there. I'm skeptical, but people were excited, so it might have been real? Anyway, here's a blurry photo that I'm not apologizing for. If anyone can confirm it was the real Cup and which Hawk brought it, that would be great.

The Dream Defensive Pairing


Nicklas Lidsrom and his fellow rookie Vladimir Konstantinov pose for a photo after practice in 1991. This image always gives me warm feelings and a reminder of Red Wings legacy. And on the back of my mind always comes the question: What if they played 20 years of hockey?!

The Real Reason Steven Stamkos Hasn't Scored a Goal


"Such abominations must never score playoff goals," saith the hockey gods. (Photo by David Guralnick/ Detroit News via r/hockey)

In Honor of Colbert's Last Episode, the Following are ON NOTICE!


This comes from one of my favorite of Colbert's recurring bits.

11 Years Apart, Nyquist and Datsyuk Score The Exact Same Goal on Roberto Luongo


This is insane, and the Internet is incredible. 11 years apart, Pavel Datsyuk and Gustav Nyquist score the same goal on Roberto Luongo. Wow. Credit: r/hockey