Five Questions with Days of Y'Orr

SB Nation 2014 NHL Playoff Bracket

So this morning's post was a good reminder that we've been criminally underrating a rival blog in this series so far. Thankfully, we're going to rectify that right now. With us today is Pez from Bruins Blog Days of Y'Orr, and he's got the answers to the same five questions from earlier.

Now as a quick note, Days of Y'Orr likes the Red Wings as much as any Bruins blog should. They're not kind, but if you've got the right mindset, they're wickedly funny. Here goes:

1. What's your series prediction?

Bruins in 6. Detroit is able to keep up with the Bruins forward for forward, but I think Boston is stronger defensively and in net. If Detroit has a breakdown or a crucial mistake in their defensive end, Boston can capitalize. Boston also showed against Pittsburgh they have no problem clogging up the neutral zone which could hurt some of the Wings speed.

2. What scares you about the Wings?

Their forwards. Datsyuk, Gus Nyquist, Helm, Tatar - the whole lot of them. - Mike Babcock's stare - Niklas Kronwall's elbow - Mike Babcock's stare

3. Which facet of the game do you think the Bruins/Wings have the biggest advantage?

For Boston I would say it is even strength. They have the best 5v5 for/against ratio in the NHL. They were a top corsi and fenwick team this season. They drive possession and they can convert those chances. Detroit's biggest advantage is its speed. Boston sucks against quick, agile forwards which is why Montreal has given the Bruins so many fits. If Detroit can wear down the Bruins D with speed it could be open season Rask.

4. What's the worst thing about the stereotypical Bruins fan?

  • Everything
  • They openly wear "Win or lose we still booze" shirts
  • They're hypocrites
  • Everything
  • They're huge hockey fans when April rolls around
  • Everything/

5. Hahahahahaha Toronto, right?

Hahahahahahaha yeah it's like a tire fire mated with a car crash and then left the offspring in the dumpster sometime during the second slow dance at prom.

- - -

Thanks to Pez for the real and excellent answers. You can follow him on Twitter @PezDOY and check out the whole blog over at Days of Y'Orr.