Game Date Updates: Hurricanes @ Red Wings

Game Day Updates

Red Wings Projected Lines

Hurricanes Projected Lines

(Updated 3:30pm ET as per Carolina’s released projected lines)




Three Keys to the Game

Tape to tape passes more often will make a huge difference. Too often Detroit was scooping pucks out of their skates Thursday night, which just slows down every play. Detroit is a fast team, but a team can’t be fast without clean passes. Detroit will need to get the bigger Carolina team turned around and/or on their back foot, but clean passes are the first step to that.

Faster transitions through the neutral zone on the power play are a dead horse around here. Still, the drop pass on the transition hasn’t been effective enough to disrupt Carolina’s box play. The usual goal is to cause the opponent to mismatch their coverage, but if it’s too slow then the opponent can adjust.

Score some goals! That’s right, WiiM, I know you’re here for the hottest of hot takes, and this one is real profound. Getting shut out never feels good, but it especially doesn’t feel good on opening night. Somehow, someway scores some goals tonight. You know, maybe win the game? Would be right cool.