Game Recap: Preseason's Over — Red Wings 4, Bruins 3 (SO)

Sheahan, Ouellet, Nestrasil power the real hockey goals while Nestrasil and Nyquist clinch the shootout win for Detroit.

SB Nation 2014 NHL Preview

It's the preseason. And it's over.

Time for the real games to begin.

  • Xavier Ouellet was defending Brad Marchand on a Red Wings power play, and Marchand put a move on the young Zavier before taking the puck to the net for a scoring chance. On a Red Wings power play in the third, Zack Ouellet was in the exact same situation and stopped Marchand before the Bruin could put a move on him and take it to the net again. He even stopped Marchand again in overtime!

  • What I'm really saying is that I want someone who can play in the NHL and improve as a player on the roster for opening night.

  • Kyle Quincey actually had a pretty stellar game. If he can translate tonight's preseason performance into regular season games, he can actually live up to his contract. And as I type this, he's late to cover David Pastrnak who almost gets what would have been the game-winning goal late in the third. Never change, Quincey.

  • The special teams preseason bonanza continued as the Red Wings scored two power play goals. The penalty kill didn't quite have the same success, giving up a power play goal, but hey, it's nice to finally get some power play goals. I'd like to see that continue on Thursday night and through the season, yeah yeah?

  • Other players who've earned roster spots: Petr Mrazek and Andrej Nestrasil. Mrazek looked solid in this game. None of the three goals were gimmes, and he played his position to a much greater comfort for Red Wings fans than Gustavsson would have. Meanwhile, Nestrasil had a power play goal and a shootout goal in this game, and he's definitely earned a lower line job on the NHL roster from his preseason play.

  • Concerning even though it's preseason was the play of Gustav Nyquist. He had a boneheaded turnover that led to Boston's first goal, and he generally didn't have a good time handling the puck until he scored in the shootout. Until it actually becomes a real problem, I'll just chalk it up to the preseason being the preseason.

All that's left is the waiting for the rosters to be turned in by the Tuesday, 5:00pm ET deadline. We'll know more as players are put on waivers before then, but it's only a few more days before we know who our 2014-15 Detroit Red Wings are.

Did they make it through the game without another injury? Yes they did, folks. Yes they did.

See you all on Thursday night.