Game Recap: Red Wings Beat Blackhawks 3-2 Czech This Out

What a great day for hockey. Tonight Detroit matched up against heated rival Chicago Blackhawks. It makes a lot of sense that they didn't televise this game. You don't think so? Let me give you a list of reasons:

  • These teams never play each other so who cares
  • No one even likes hockey in Detroit. what are you an asshole
  • It's just preseason. I've never heard of any of these players anyway
  • The Tigers were on!/

Sigh. Anyways, yeah. No one got to watch this game, unless you were there. Thankfully I got to listen to the game via 87.7 FM The Game, a Chicago Sports Station. Both guys calling the game, Joe Brand, and I cannot remember the other fellow's name, did a pretty good job. It's nice to listen to another team's media cover their team and not be complete finger-painting butt-sniffers. Thought it was pretty funny to hear them pronounce it "Kronvall."
So let's recap the game real quick, folks!

God, this recap sucks. But it honestly grinds my gears that there was NO coverage tonight. Either way, the Wings played yet another strong game on the PK. Here's a better breakdown of the scoring tonight:

Tomas Tatar (2)
Assists: Jonathan Ericsson, Riley Sheahan
DET Goal - Tomas Nosek (1)
Assists: Justin Abdelkader, Andrej Nestrasil
CHI Goal - Bryan Bickell (1)
Assists: Viktor Svedberg, Jeremy Morin
DET Goal - Andrej Nestrasil (1)
Assists: Tomas Nosek, Justin Abdelkader
CHI Goal - Garret Ross (1)
Assists: Nick Leddy, Peter Regin

Wings win 3-2, and move to 2-0-1 on the preseason. It was a great game to watch. Except I didn't get to watch. So it was just a great game, I guess.

Next up: Boston. Saturday. See you then, fart-smokers.