Gameday Updates: Canadiens at Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings will look to get back on track after a setback against Columbus on Tuesday night. Hopefully some home cooking against the Montreal Canadiens gets them back in the win column tonight.

Red Wings


  • Not much on the Canadiens front that hasn't already been covered. Michelle mentioned their recent hot streak in the Morning Skate that's propelled them to second in the Atlantic over Tampa Bay. Maybe the Red Wings can take some of their mojo tonight.

  • Carey Price gets the start in goal.

  • The projected starting lineup for the Montréal "Yes, I did just put that accent aigu over the é" Canadiens:


    Max "imum" Pacioretty
    David "deh-shar-nayz?" Desharnais Thomas "hahaha the Islanders traded for me then traded me" Vanek
    Alex "American hero" Galchenyuk
    Tomas "Plek-Plek" Plekanec Brendan "he's got a lot of" Gallagher
    Rene "RE-ne or re-NE?" Bourque
    Danny "meets the Canadiens' forward height restrictions" Briere Brian "John, duh!" Gionta
    Michael "superfluous u" Bournival
    Lars "Eller? I hardly know her!" Eller
    Ryan "what?" White


    Andrei "he's going to get a" Markov
    Alexei "eeeiiiiiiii" Emelin
    Francis "he's not gold" Bouillon
    P. K. "Underban" Subban
    Jarred Tinordi
    Mike "basket" Weaver


    Carey "ing the load" Price
    Peter "Stone" Budaj

Out of Town Scoreboard

Surprisingly no games that we might care about tonight. Columbus, Washington, and Toronto are all idle. Tampa Bay plays host to the New York Islanders, but we may be a little too far out to catch third in the Atlantic at this point. There's also Phoenix at New Jersey if you think the Devils are capable of not only making up the current 5-point deficit with the 80-point club, but also passing two of these 80-point teams in the process.

This setup means we use up one of our games in hand. Tonight would be a great night to leap-frog the 80-point club and take sole possession of the first wild card spot at the end of tonight. All the focus in the world can be just on beating the Canadiens tonight, a team we've had pretty good success against this season. Win, and the Red Wings are in the driver's seat with fewer than ten games to go.