Gameday Updates: Red Wings at Penguins

We're going to keep saying it until we either have it or until we back our way into the playoffs: one more point secures another postseason for the Detroit Red Wings. Can they get it done tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Red Wings


Out of Town Scoreboard

Columbus Blue Jackets at Dallas Stars: Well, we got a heaping helping of mathematical eliminations last night with both Ontario teams getting the boot.* One more point secures the Red Wings' playoff berth, but there's still the pesky situation of which wild card spot they get. Beat Pittsburgh tonight, and we don't need to care about another inter-conference game involving the Blue Jackets. One more thing to note about this game: as it is the makeup game from the Rich Peverley incident, the NHL decided to play the full 60 minutes but with Columbus having a 1-0 lead to start with. S/t to Kyle for tweeting it out and making me remember.

It's a really simple formula tonight. Win and you're in. Lose, and . . . let's not think about that right now. The Red Wings have a fantastic opportunity in front of them, and it's up to them to seize it. I have to ask though: wouldn't it just cap off this particular regular season so well that they clinch a playoff spot with an overtime/ shootout loss?


*Yes, it took until last night before Ottawa was mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.