GIF Recap: Red Wings Rout Penguins, 5-1

This game ruled, because I made the four and a half hour trip to Pittsburgh to hang with my buds and watch it in-person. I was pretty skeptical coming in, but the more I thought about it, there is not way this team comes out after being destroyed by the Flyers without a little piss and vinegar.

First goal of the game was pretty cool.. At first, it looked like Marek Zidlicky had the goal, but it actually had hit Riley Sheahan, which game him his 12th goal of the season, and gave 100 more dollars to puppies and kitties!

Finland is here, and it's brought The Holy Slapper with it. Teemu Pulkkinen got himself his 4th goal of the season in a very vintage Pulky way. One-timer rocket, leaving the goalie no chance to even see the puck.

It's pretty fun to see how well Marek Zidlicky has meshed with this team. After this game, he has seven points in seven games, and continues to be a great addition to this team's backend. Check this howitzer.

He hasn't been scoring a ton of goals as of late, but Gustav Nyquist made himself a gorgeous play to setup a Henrik Zetterberg goal. It was way more glorious in real life.

I have no idea how this goal went in, but it counts. Teemu Pulkkinen gets his first career NHL multi-goal game by winding up for one of his vintage Pulk moments. Teemu and Joakim Andersson rumble down with a 2 on 1, and after Pulk shoots, the puck deflects off of Daniel Winnik's stick, and goes on a crash course that ends at the back of the net.

The Red Wings were brutally outshot, and that seems to be the trend nowadays. It is what it is, but Petr Mrazek had himself a strong game to keep the Pens at bay. I think my favorite part of the game was all the Penguins fans who were so mad about the officiating. I had some fun with it on Twitter:

I highly suggest making a road trip to see your favorite NHL team play. It's a real good time, especially if they win! Enjoy the GIFs. Teemu Pulkkinen rules.