Hot Take Theater: Red Wings should trade back and draft Spencer Knight

You want spicy ideas? Here’s one for you

Hear me out. There are two parts to this and honestly the more I think about it, the more it becomes my favorite scenario for the Red Wings tomorrow.

1. The talk of the rebuild has seemingly always been the surplus of forwards yet lack of defense. Goaltending has been overlooked most of the time. Spencer Knight is one of the more highly rated goalie prospects in the last decade. The last time a goalie went in the lottery was Jack Campbell (Dallas at #11) back in 2010. Which also could mean it’s better to find goalies elsewhere. However, I would love to assure the goaltending position for our future and trading back to add another 2nd or so to draft skaters would be very ideal. Not to mention, everything you read about Knight makes it seem like he will be a stud down the road.

2. I think Vancouver is the spot to trade with, as several have already mentioned. They are desperate for blue line help and, especially if Byram is there, have already been rumored to wanting to trade up. This tells me they are desperate and we could get #10, #40 and maybe even a prospect or future 2nd/3rd round pick. Other teams possibly looking to trade up could be the Oilers at 8 (Hello, Puljujarvi), Flyers at 11 and Wild at 12. Most mock drafts have Knight going as a lock to the Panthers at #13, so trading back to #8-12 to add more draft picks and draft your goalie of the future could be the new play in my opinion.

Would you trade back to #8-12 to draft Spencer Knight?

Yes, absolutely242
No, goalies aren’t worth it that high573
Depends who is at #6599
Depends on the return233