Introducing Secret Base

It may not be new to you, but if not then you can help share it too

I’m here to introduce you today to Secret Base. Perhaps you’re already aware of Jon Bois. If not, I would recommend diving into 17776 - a phenomenal work from a few years ago whose sequel hit recently.

Jon’s work and the work of his colleagues are housed at Secret Base now since the end of August and we’ve been asked to help them get to 1,000,000 Youtube subscribers before Christmas.  I’ll let them take the introduction part from here:

Hey there. If you like sports documentaries and weird internet then we have a good chance at being friends. No pressure though, I’ll settle for acquaintances. At Secret Base, we’re all about exploring stories that just happen to be about sports, digging through the forgotten or bizarre, and embracing the human nature of these moments in history. But the reason we’re popping in now is that we’re closing in on 1 million subscribers on YouTube. It’s a nice, round number and therefore people like to celebrate it, so we wanted to invite you to celebrate with us.

Now Secret Base isn’t just about hockey, so if you’re only in for hockey videos, fortunately we’ve got you covered right here.

It’s way more than that though. I personally have liked all of their Fumble Dimension work - where they break videogames just to see what happens (and honestly, is what most people know Bois’ work from to begin with).