Introducing the Red Wings Twitter Team

If you’ve ever wondered what the Red Wings would be if they were made up entirely of Red Wings twitter personalities, well YOU MISSED THE BUS because Helmerroids and Prashanth beat you to it.


While many might be calling hubris on Helmerroids naming herself the owner, I assure you that this wasn’t originally the case until it had to be decided that the owner just like in real life had to be on both Red Wings Twitter and Tigers twitter.

Also, Helmerroids is regularly owning all of us anyway.

We’re in really good shape at GM and statistical analysis. I’ll also say our scouting department is top-notch.

I’m going to tell you honestly I don’t know how long the coach will last, but the players are in good hands with the athletic trainer and those fans who are simultaneously watching on television and radio are in for a treat.

I’m the third-line center because everybody knows that puns are the ultimate two-way jokes.

Obviously, our goalie blocks everyone.

If nothing else, this makes a really good list of follows for Twitter.